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Demand for dissolution of LKP

The Daejeon Headquarters of the Movement for Achieving People’s Rights and Removing Evils grouping 85 organizations in Daejeon held a press conference on March 7 outside the building of the Daejeon City branch of the Liberty Korea Party, in which it urged the dissolution of the LKP, a cesspit of all evils.

It said that there is no need for the LKP to exist any longer as it tries to reverse the history, far from apologizing and reflecting on its crimes against the people.

On March 14, members of 66 civic organizations held a press conference outside the building of the Daegu City branch of the Liberty Korea Party, to demand the dissolution of the LKP denying the impeachment of Park Geun-hye and distorting the history of May 18 popular resistance.

We demand the dissolution of the LKP distorting the history of candlelight resistance and democracy and laying a chill on the efforts for peace on Korean Peninsula, they stressed.

On March 16, civic bodies including the April 16 Solidarity held a rally in Seoul to demand the dissolution of the LKP and liquidation of conservatism, denouncing former president Chun Doo-hwan and floor leader Na Gyong-won of the LKP.

We cannot assume an indifferent attitude toward denial of a 17 million-strong candlelight resistance fuelled by democracy and justice and violation of the era of national sovereignty, they noted. The dissolution of the LKP, liquidation of conservative forces and sweeping reform of the society are the desire and order of the candlelight resistance, they pointed out.
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