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Denouncing the U.S. machination

Actions of south Koreans against the U.S. sanctions and war maneuvers against north Korea are getting stronger.
The Headquarters for the Actions against Trump and the U.S. held a press conference in Seoul on February 24 in protest against the U.S. new sanctions and moves for igniting a nuclear war against north Korea.
Speakers censured that Trump is making bellicose remarks wrecking peace on the Korean Peninsula and going to invade north Korea through war games.
The speakers at the conference slammed Trump for slapping the worst sanctions against north Korea and disturbing the peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula at a time when an atmosphere of peace and reunification was growing strong in the peninsula.
They stressed that the Korean nation will carry on actions until the U.S. completely stops war drills against north Korea and the U.S. troops are withdrawn from south Korea.
The Gwangju Regional Headquarters of the People’s Solidarity for Sovereignty held a rally outside the U.S. military base in Gunsan on Feb. 26 to condemn the U.S. moves to hinder the improvement of inter-Korean relations and resume the war exercises against north Korea.
Speakers at the rally charged that the U.S. is putting economic and diplomatic pressure on south Korea to spoil the improved south-north relations.
Now is the time for the south Korean authorities to put an end to dependence on the U.S. and take an independent stand by the united efforts of the nation, they said and continued that the U.S. is afraid of the Korean nation’s enthusiasm for national concord.
On Feb. 27, members of the civic organizations held news conferencesin denunciation of the U.S. hindering the process of inter-Korean rapprochement and unity.   
Pro-reunification and civic activists including the honorary chairman of the Association for Supporting Prisoners of Conscience of the Family Movement for Realizing Democracy, the chairman of the South Headquarters of the Pan-national Alliance for Korea’s Reunification, the head of People’s Democratic Party and the director of the Society of April Revolution took part in the press conference.
They chanted slogans “Censure Trump hampering inter-Korean harmony!”, “Stop planned U.S.-south Korean military exercises!” and “No harshest sanctions against north Korea!”.
Pyeongchang Winter Olympics showed that who is disturbing peace and security of the Korean Peninsula and seeking for war and the U.S. is the author of exacerbating tension on the peninsula, they noted.  
A vigorous action should be waged against the U.S. hamstring the process of inter-Korean relations and poking its nose into domestic affairs, they said and called for the people to take part in the rally to be held on March 3 in denunciation of the U.S.
Now the broad spectrum of south Korean people renew their determination to conduct a dynamic action against the war and U.S.
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