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Descendant of dictator

 A few days ago, Yun Seok-yol, one of the opposition People’s Power Party’s candidates for the next presidency spoke in praise of Chun Doo-hwan who had seized power by military coup and suppressed Gwangju popular uprising brutally.  

The ruling Democratic Party demanded Yun apologize to the spirit of fallen Gwangju uprisers and people in Jeolla province for insulting them.

Yun wants to be a Public Prosecutor General of “Chun’s government”. It is intolerable dictatorial idea, the Justice Party reprimanded.

It is so ridiculous that Yun, such a foolish guy lack of common sense is dreaming about the presidency. He must make an apology to south Koreans and withdraw candidacy for the next presidency, the presidential candidate in the PPP censured.

Yun, who covered Chun, a ringleader of May 18 popular uprising massacre and made absurd remarks insulting people in Jeolla province must apology, the civil organizations denounced through a statement.


Yun is in trouble with sharp denunciation of the south Korean people


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