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Deserted Women

106 years have passed.

The International Women’s Day was designated with the hope and wish for the true emancipation of women all over the world.

Since the first International Women’s Day, more than half a century has passed. However, the world has not changed to women-respect society yet.

In the extremely egoistic and misanthropic capitalist society, the term of woman has become synonymous with contemptuous treatment and discrimination.

It is women’s fate throughout the world to fall victims to all kinds of social evils on the charge of their womanhood.

Especially, south Korea, the plaything of great powers, is the “underworld” literally.

In south Korea, the term of protection of womanhood and motherhood itself does not exist.

Even if they are violated their dignity, honor and life by the bestial Yankees, the miserable south Korean women could not disburden their grieves.

Far from demanding apology from the Japanese brutes who violated a lot of Korean women’s chastity, the south Korean ruling circles bowed their knees to the Japs and advertise the submission as a “success”.

The south Korean women build their hopes on Park Geun-hye that the female “president” would improve their wretched situation.

However, under reign of Park Geun-hye, the discrimination against women has been getting more serious in south Korea.

The female electors are more than the male but the percentage of female candidates in various kinds of elections is 7 percent.

Only 54 percent of women have their jobs and the jobs of 70 percent of them are part-timers. The wage difference between the women and men is 39 percent.

The women to be loved as the flower of the society are falling preys to privileged minority’s lust and the prostitution is a kind of “job” for the women in south Korea. There, the number of crimes against women is over 40, 000 and the crimes are committed in an unbroken chain.

As a woman, Park Geun-hye is enthusiastic about makeup and dressing. But she dislikes saying the word “woman” and gave a verdict of “not guilty” to adultery. Under the reign of such ruler, the deserted south Korean women who gave up the dignity of human, love and motherly affection greet the International Women’s Day in tears.

The reality of south Korea, the Hell of women, shows that south Korea is the most serious human rights desert. And also it tells that Park regime which, regardless of the livelihood of the people, has made desperate bid to escalate confrontation against the fellow countrymen is the most shameless ringleader of infringement on human fights.
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