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Deserved Mishap

Hwang Gyo-ahn, head of the opposition Liberty Korea Party, inspected Gwangju on May 3 to win popularity, however, he ran away only to get derision, insult and cold-shoulder from the Gwangju residents.  

Hwang, who served as the minister of Justice and prime Minister in the days of Park Geun-hye regime, was ousted from office before his expiry with Park by the popular candlelight resistance. He, far from making a sincere reflection and apology on the past crimes, visited Gwangju to drive the residents into great fury.

On the day, civic organizations including the Gwangju Solidarity for Progress flocked to the Gwangju station to demand the disbandment of the LKP and urge Hwang to resign.

Prior to Hwang’s arrival, the LKP’s distortion of Gwangju popular uprising is still vivid in the hearts of the Gwangju residents, they said. They noted that they would show enraged feelings of the residents to the LKP and Hwang. 

The residents encircled the venue of meeting sponsored by the LKP when Hwang arrived, carrying placards. 

They chanted slogans “Hwang, go along!” and “Dissolve LKP!”. “March for Dear Ones” was played from a loudspeaker van at the one side of the plaza.

Meantime, an angry resident sprayed bottled natural water upon Hwang.
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