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Die or live

The number of COVID-19 cases reportedly rose to 5 186 with 32 dead in south Korea as of March 3.

Over 40 percent of the UN member states are blocking up south Korea. Thirty-six countries and regions ban the entry of passengers from south Korea.

South Korea is troubled with the rapid spread of COVID-19, however, the south Korean conservative groups sponsored rallies in demand of resignation of Moon Jae-in in Seoul only to spark off surging indignation of the nation.

They would stand up against the south Korean authorities’ oppression of religion and the God would heal the infectious disease, they cried.

In this regard, the south Korean people from all social standings branded the conservative groups as a hysterical group crazy about political power and gangster group out of sense.

Gwanghwamun plaza is turned into the one of virus by the conservative groups and they would suffer mental disorder caused by the noise of loudspeaker, the broad segments of people reprimanded.

Many progressive organizations said that meetings and rallies have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 and the people are making their efforts to prevent the infectious disease and they strongly demanded the conservative groups to postpone rallies at Gwanghwamun plaza.

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