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Disgraced UFP

The United Future Party has employed rough language only to spark off surging indignation of the nation ahead of general election.

A few days ago, a candidate of the UFP for running parliamentary seat came under fire of the people in Incheon as he described Incheon as an uncouth place.

A yutube announcer affiliated to the UFP came under strong public criticism for carrying a video on internet saying Moon Jae-in would get free meal in a prison after finishing up his tenure of the presidency.

The “champion” of rough language is Hwang Gyo-ahn of the UFP representative.

He has become a butt of criticism of the broad segments of people who demanded punishment two hundred and sixty thousand accomplices of extra-large sexual offense called “n room” since he said that chief criminals must be punished but identity of those who joined “n-room” with curiosity should not be made public on April 1.


It is the height of moral vacuum that Hwang described the sexual offense as curiosity. He must be withdrawn from his candidacy, the Justice Party warned.

 Prior to this, Hwang posted an article on his facebook that there is no outbreak of COVID-19 in the churches. He deleted his article on the quiet after strong opposition of the public.  

Another candidate of the UFP touched off unanimous censure and wrath of the people as he talked a string of rubbish that the people in their thirties and forties are uncivilized.  

The UFP is making desperate effort to appease the people’s anger but it is cold-shouldered by the people.

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