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Dissatisfaction at south Korean authorities

 South Korean people of every degree denounce the “report on prospect of security threat in 2021~2030” made by the south Korean authorities.

The countermeasures made by the south Korean authorities to cope with security threat is nothing but a sheer farce, the crisis on the Korean peninsula will be deteriorated further as long as the security gamble depending on the south Korea-US alliance and subordinated diplomatic policy go on, an expert in diplomacy and security criticized.

The public indignation at south Korean authorities is welling up as they have not handled affairs within and without for 5 years, he added.

The countermeasures made by the south Korean authorities are bound to be fruitless. The economy would be moribund and the people’s livelihood and inequality in south Korea would be worsened, an economics professor expressed his concern.

The south Korean government has suffered security crisis due to its passive diplomacy, even if the south Korean government made the countermeasures, the shock waves of security threat would make great reaction, a resident in Incheon said. He asserted not to make mock at the people.

The south Korean people express their strong denunciation at the military as it conducted test firing long-range ground-to-air missiles and multiple launch rocket system to cope with the so-called threat of north Korea in the end of last month.

The successful test-fires of the weapon advertised by the south Korean authorities are false propaganda, the people of various circles jeered.  

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