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Dissolve the People’s Power Party

 A student organization of South Jeolla Province held a press conference. It demanded the People’s Power Party stop political farce as it used the May 18 popular uprising in pursuit of its political interests.

The People’s Power Party is descendant of dictatorial regime of Chun Doo-hwan who killed Gwangju citizens in 1980. We will never forget that the PPP which put a brake on a thoroughgoing investigation into the May popular uprising, perverted history textbook and made ruthless remarks riving hearts of the bereaved families, it pointed out. 

The leadership of PPP dropped its tears in front of the altar of Mangwol cemetery, it is nothing but fraudulent practices to gain more votes from the people. The PPP must make a sincere apology instead of producing deceitful show. Dissolution of itself is the only way to sincere apology, they asserted.

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