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Distribution of leaflets inviting war

     Shortly ago, Park Sang-hak and other north Korean defectors flied anti-north Korea leaflets.

In April, they dropped more than one million leaflets by means of twenty large balloons in Gyeonggi Province to drive all the people from various circles into great fury.

Residents living in Gyeonggi Province and around the militarized zones are in the grip of trepidation.

Nevertheless, south Korean president Yoon Suk-yeol, who once said that he would defend the lives of people in a responsible manner, encourages the distribution of leaflets.    

In actuality, the Ministry of Unification assumes an indifferent attitude toward the scattering of the leaflets, clamoring it as the freedom of speech. The Pocheon municipal authorities returned the north Korean defectors equipment for making balloons confiscated from them.    

It shows that the Yoon regime is engrossed in the confrontation with fellow countrymen, taking no account of the people’s lives.    

The scattering of leaflets is an act of war as it is a psychological warfare stimulating the nerve of the other party.

It is a common sense that the distribution of leaflets would lead to a military clash as inter-Korean relationship is chilly.  

No one can affirm that inter-Korean armed conflict would not lead to an all-out war.

The Yoon clique is destined to be self-destructive.

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