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DIU, root of the WPK and origin of Songun

President Kim Il Sung formed the Down-with-Imperialism Union on October 17, 1926, 86 years ago. 

He made the historic report at the inaugural ceremony. 

The DIU that took it as its mission to smash imperialism set it as its immediate task to overthrow Japanese imperialism, the sworn enemy of the Korean people, and achieve Korea’s liberation and independence and set it as its ultimate goal to build socialism and communism in Korea and build communism throughout the world, he clarified.

The formation of the DIU is a declaration against Japanese imperialism, as well as a proclamation against imperialism in the globe, the youth should lead the van of struggle, the youth in the DIU should overcome all trials with strong will and revolutionary spirit and overthrow Japanese imperialism to win Korea’s independence, take a bold struggle to entomb imperialism in the world, he appealed to the youth.

The formation of the DIU marked a great event in the revolutionary struggle waged by President Kim Il Sung and in the history of the Korean revolution. 

The formation of the communist revolutionary organization, the first of its kind in Korea, was the historic declaration signaling a new starting-point of the Korean revolution.

Since then the revolutionary struggle of the Korean people broke with old ideologies such as flunkeyism and dogmatism and ushered in a new era advancing under the principle of independence. The formation enabled to carry out communist movement and national liberation struggle with a correct goal and strategies and tactics. 

Kim Il Sung wrote in his memoirs With the Century:

In the history of our Party the DIU is recognized as the root of the Party, and the formation of the DIU as a starting-point or the genesis of the Korean communist movement and the Korean revolution. From this root came the program of our Party, the principles for building our Party and its activities, and the backbone for its foundation. With the formation of the DIU our revolution advanced on the basis of the principle of independence.

A clear-cut independence idea against imperialism of the DIU served an ideological foundation of Songun idea. 

The down with imperialism ideology clarified in the DIU program presupposes the armed struggle on the basis of the revolutionary violence. The importance of the revolutionary arms and the idea of uncompromising struggle with imperialism; this is the core of the Songun idea authored by President Kim Il Sung.  

The formation of vanguard revolutionary organization by the President in his teen age was an uncommon; moreover, the programs that reflected a conclusive ideology against imperialism was unheard in the world.   
The revolutionary achievements of President Kim Il Sung, the eternal sun of Juche, will be imperishable.
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