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Does it hold water?

Park Geun-hye, imprisoned by scandal of “state affairs”, illegality and corruption, wrote to her supporters to the effect that they support the “United Future Party”. In this regard, ruling and opposition parties denounced it as “intervention in general election” and “demagogic politics in jail”.

The south Korean people are still enraged by the scandal of “state affairs” of Park. Park must be penitent and keep self-control herself, the ruling Democratic Party stressed in a commentary.

It’s a intentional remark to give effect on the general election by uniting her supporters. We make a request the people to sternly punish Park again, it noted.

The letter written by Park in jail is the one of agitating the revival of the pro-Park group and insult to the people who impeached Park. We would make a complaint against Park as her letter contains offense of the election, the opposition Justice Party said.

It is misfortune of politics and insult to the people who supported the impeachment that Park is going to meddle in the election, thinking herself to be a “queen of election”.

According to a recent poll with regard the letter of Park, the majority of respondents expressed their strong opposition to her release.
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