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Don’t Misjudge

The US is going to launch Ulji Freedom Guardian joint military exercises with the south Korean forces from August 20 to 31.

 It is contemplating holding the exercises with the involvement of more than 30 000 US troops, over 56 000 south Korean forces, at least 440 000 civilians and military personnel of different countries which had dispatched troops to the last Korean War under the helmet of the “UN forces”. 

 This is a vivid expression of its hostile policy toward the DPRK and a dangerous act to ignite a new war on the Korean Peninsula at any cost.

The joint military exercises are an all-out war rehearsal against the DPRK from the viewpoint of military hardware and scale of forces to be involved in them and their program and nature. 

The US seeks to realize its ambition to invade the DPRK by mobilizing various means and methods, but it sees the military force as the basic factor that counts.

This is clearly proved by its plan to stage the joint military exercises including the operation to break through the military demarcation line with the use of mine-proof special vehicles the way different from the past ones as well as Commander of the south Korea-US Combined Forces Thurman’s call for staging the exercises “based on scenario for an actual war”. 

The US hostile policy toward the DPRK remains unchanged.

It is its intention to find a way out of its failed hostile policy toward the DPRK in the war against it. 

The joint military exercises will no doubt be an anti-DPRK war rehearsal making one more step close to an actual war.

It is an invariable stand and principle of the DPRK to approach good faith with good faith and respond to the use of force in kind. 

The DPRK at present is not the young country as it was in the early 1950s.

It has matchless army equipped with ultra-modern military hardware and reliable nuclear deterrent thanks to the Songun leadership pursued by leader Kim Jong Il.

 Supreme leader Kim Jong Un whom the world praises as a man identical to the President is leading the army and people of the DPRK.

The last Korean War brought about the beginning of the decline for the US, but new Korean War will bring a total end to it.
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