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Downtrodden dignity and rights of women

     South Korean women suffer all sorts of discrimination and inequality solely because of being a woman, and their dignities and rights are trampled down.

As Yoon takes power, women’s situation is getting more miserable.

Women account half of the population at present, but due to the ever-increasing discrimination and a low-wage policy, the percentage of employment of women is being lowered as time goes by.

Women are threatened of wage discrimination, under constant uneasiness at employment, and they hardly receive the retirement allowance and the insurance for a short-time worker.

Employers force the women workers to give birth to their babies in rotation under the pretext of prevention of the loss of labor power.

Lots of women unable to bear the fosterage expenses give up even their childbirth.

Moreover, Yoon is going to abolish the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family founded in 2001. The international community demands the immediate withdrawal of his attempt saying that it is a severe retrogression of women’s rights if the south Korean authorities would realize the abolition of the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family.

Crime against women is becoming ever more unscrupulous day by day in south Korea. This fact goes to prove that the outrage against women’s rights is rampant there.

Women are made the main target of various kinds of crimes.

As a result, women’s life is seriously threatened.

Nonetheless, the south Korean authorities take legal sanctions against women instead of protecting women from crimes on the pretext of their false report.

Owing to the Yoon regime which makes use of women as tool of its reign engaging in policy of indifference toward women, south Korea is reduced to a world example of sexual discrimination, a country in which women’s status is very low in the world, and a hell on earth for women.

It is quite right that the south Korean women are positively turning out in the struggle for their genuine dignity, rights and worthwhile life in denunciation of anti-women policy being pursued by the Yoon clique now.

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