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DPRK in its glory

 Thanks to the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un, the lifeline of the Juche revolutionary cause pioneered by the President Kim Il Sung on Mt Paektu is invariably and persistently maintained and a heyday of prosperity is opened up.

Marshal Kim Jong Un cherishing endless loyalty and moral obligation realized the national desire for upholding the Chairman in high esteem forever and leads the revolution and construction only as the Chairman did.

He climbed Mt Paektu covered in snow and seeing the sunrise hardened his faith and will to dedicate his all to realize  the Chairman’s lifelong desire for building a powerful nation.

The ideal and desire of the Chairman come true one by one thanks to the outstanding ideology, seasoned leadership and great revolutionary practice of Marshal Kim Jong Un who always keeps the benevolent image of the Chairman in his heart.

Today the DPRK has towered as a world’s military giant which no enemy dares provoke and safeguards the nation’s dignity and sovereignty by bolstering up the strength of single-minded unity and increasing the national defense capabilities.

It is entirely attributable to the outstanding leadership of Marshal Kim Jong Un.

Under the energetic leadership of Marshal Kim Jong Un, Samjiyon City, the birthplace of the Chairman, turned into a model of mountainous cultured city and into an ideal local city in a short span of 10 years.

Even under manifold hardships and ordeals miraculous victories and brilliant events are achieved one after another in all parts of the Republic and its people full of vitality and vigor usher in a new era of self-respect and prosperity, the era of our state-first principle.

Thanks to the extraordinary leadership and far-sighted acumen of Marshal Kim Jong Un, the DPRK steers the political trend standing in the center of international politics and the direction and ways for the independent reunification, peace and prosperity of the nation are indicated.

The present is, indeed, a new era of prosperity for the Juche Korea and the historical Kim Jong Un era which is advancing, making a great leap forward and wining victory with his ideology, will, courage and grit.

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