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DPRK Makes Leap Forward By Dint of Science

This year the DPRK has made many achievements in the efforts to set up Juche-oriented production lines and ensure domestic production of raw and other materials and equipment in different fields of the national economy.
They are well illustrated by sci-tech festivals, exhibitions and presentations held this year.
In April, the 33rd national sci-tech festival took place at the Three-Revolution Exhibition House on the theme of domestic production of raw and other materials and equipment and integration of science and technology with the economy. Divided into 29 panels, including electric, metal, chemical, mechanical, coal, IT and biological engineering, it drew over a thousand scientists and technicians from over 500 units. Displayed in the form of diagrams, products and videos were well over 10 000 sci-tech achievements of more than 1 000 kinds, which pay off in the reality. Among them were the findings that contribute to putting the metallurgical industry on the Juche-oriented footing, including the production of Juche iron by means of an oxygen heat blast furnace at the Kim Chaek Iron and Steel Complex, production of micro-alloy steel by means of boron at the Chollima Steel Complex and production of manganese ferroalloy by means of wad at the Hwanghae Iron and Steel Complex, and those that render services to improving the people’s living standards, including modernization of shoemaking process, production of riced potato, noodles made of pulverized cornflour and fish-flavoured soy sauce.
More than a thousand inventions were presented to the 16th national inventions exhibition held at the Sci-Tech Complex. The Sangwon Cement Complex displayed portland cement resistant to sea water, which ensures the construction of concrete buildings on the seashore. What struck visitors with admiration was the fact that there were an official in charge of a unit, an ordinary worker, a student of a senior middle school, a 7-year-old boy and a 70-year-old woman among the inventors.
More than 500 IT successes and products were presented to the national exhibition of IT achievements-2018 held under the theme of “The era of knowledge-based economy and enthusiasm for IT”. A marine traffic control system and an academic contest management system were appreciated as the top ten IT products for this year.
Besides, a wide range of festivals, sci-tech presentations and exhibitions were held in different sectors of the national economy, including metal, coal and chemical industry, fishery and construction, and the education sector, including Kim Chaek University of Technology.
Hwang Yong Nam, official of the Central Committee of the General Federation of Science and Technology of Korea, said: This year, larger numbers of sci-tech findings have been introduced as against the past, a close relationship has been established between technology consumers and inventors, and distribution of intellectual products has become enlivened. These served as important opportunities for giving strong impetus to developing the national economy by dint of science.
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