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DPRK’s Single-hearted Unity

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is a country in which the leader, the Party and the masses of the people are firmly united into one.

Then what underlies this single-hearted unity and why is it so solid?

Everything in the world is composed of and develops with a nucleus as its center, the same goes to the unity of society.

That center is, of course, the leader. All the people being rallied firmly around the leader, the center, as a community with one ideology and with one purpose sharing the same destiny-this is single-hearted unity.

During nearly half a century since Kim Jong Il started working at the Central Committee of the WPK (June 19, 1964), the guiding force of the Korean society, the single-hearted unity has been consolidated to the maximum in the DPRK.

He conducted energetic ideological and theoretical activities, thus presenting outstanding ideologies and theories which gave answers to the questions raised by the era. He formulated the Juche idea, authored by President Kim Il Sung, the founding father of socialist Korea, as the guiding ideology of the era.

His brilliant ideological and theoretical wisdom was demonstrated further during the worldwide political tempest at the end of the 20th century. Socialism collapsed in several countries. And taking advantage of this turmoil, the imperialists directed all their energies to stifling socialist Korea. At this juncture, Kim Jong Il formulated Songun politics, a mode of politics unprecedented in the history of human politics, as the basic mode of socialist politics, and made headway against the severe difficulties of the times by dint of Songun politics.

On the other hand, he made public a large number of works, such as Abuses of Socialism Are Intolerable, Socialism Is a Science and Giving Priority to Ideological Work Is Essential for Accomplishing Socialism, encouraging the Korean people to turn out resolutely for safeguarding socialism and building a socialist thriving nation even in the worst situation as they cherished the truthfulness and invincibility of socialism as their unchangeable conviction.

The Juche idea and the Songun idea, which he raised as the guiding ideals of the cause of independence, arouse great sympathy and support from the broad sections of people of the world.

The reason why the Korean people support Kim Jong Il with one mind and one will is because he is possessed of outstanding leadership ability.

Since he started working at the Central Committee of the WPK, the DPRK has witnessed epoch-making changes. Korea developed into a socialist industrial state, and the world-class West Sea Barrage was built across an 8-kilometer section of the West Sea of Korea. The Korean society is shining its brilliance as a socialist one, where people are masters of everything and everything serves them.

The world realized more keenly the prominent leadership ability of Kim Jong Il in the 1990s, when Korea was suffering unprecedented difficulties.

In July 1994 President Kim Il Sung died, the US-led imperialist forces imposed sanctions and blockade against the country, and natural calamities hit the country for several consecutive years. In this worst situation, Kim Jong Il held higher the banner of Songun and overcame all the difficulties by raising the army as a pillar of the socialist cause and the main force of the revolution and enhancing its role. Under his Songun leadership, the KPA has become a matchless army, fully ready for both attack and defense, and the DPRK, an invincible powerful state, which has acquired reliable war deterrent.

He led the service personnel to stand in the van of settling economic difficulties and the civilians to create innovations and perform feats of labor in all sectors and units by emulating the former’s indomitable spirit. As a result, even under the severe circumstance the DPRK has set up a springboard for the building of a thriving nation and it would enter a fresh, high stage of building a prosperous nation in 2012.

Thanks to Kim Jong Il’s outstanding political savvy and ability, the historic June 15 North-South Joint Declaration (2000) and October 4 Declaration (2007), milestones of Korea’s reunification, were adopted, opening a bright vista for the reunification. With the international position and dignity of Songun Korea being raised day by day, the imperialist’s encirclement of the DPRK was smashed to pieces, and the world witnessed a surprising event of over 20 countries, including Western ones, establishing diplomatic relations with the country.

The people’s conviction and will that victory and glory are in store for them when they support his leadership single-heartedly have become immutable.

Kim Jong Il’s ennobling personalities and virtues have captured the hearts of Koreans.

He consistently administers benevolent politics which moves everybody.

Affection between comrades is unity and the more genuine and ardent the affection is, the more unstained and solid the single-hearted unity becomes-this is his view.

Once he inspected a power station construction project in a northern mountainous area of the country. At that time he paid more attention to the dwelling houses in the part to be submerged than to the building of the power station. He had houses are built better than the original ones built for the local people, and when they were moving to the new houses, he sent them daily necessities.

It is not accidental that Koreans call their leader father though he passed away.

Socialist Korea, where all the service personnel and people are rallied firmly around their supreme leader Kim Jong Un who is identical to Chairman Kim Jong Il in idea, leadership art and personality-there is no force in the world that can match the might of this single-hearted unity.

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