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Draconian Fascist Law

The National Security Law was fabricated in imitation of the Law for Maintenance of the Public Peace of Japan under the disguise of checking infiltration of communism on Dec. 1 1948.

The NSL has served as a means for maintaining their dictatorial power, removing political rivals and suppressing the south Korean peoples efforts for independence, democracy and reunification since its appearance.

The NSL is an unprecedented fascist law trampling down democracy and human rights.

The south Korean people have been deprived of their elementary rights; the freedom of assembly, demonstration, association and the press by the NSL.

The NSL is an evil law against reunification that has defined north-south relations that of hostility and rejected national reconciliation and unity.

It is hard to find in legal history of the world that the NSL stipulates the definition of the north as the enemy and execution of all those who demand inter-Korean dialogue and cooperation, and independent reunification.

The south Korean successive rulers have committed unethical crimes such as assassination, slaughter and torture against their political opponents and people who rose up against their treacherous rule.

The present south Korean authorities have clamped down on the progressive groups and persons who strive for justice and democracy, branding them enemy-benefitting organization or the “forces following the north”.

The forced dismantlement of Unified Progressive Party, the deprivation of trade union of the Korean Teachers and Education WorkersUnion and discontinuance of Jajuminbo reveal the fascist color of the present ruling force which have exhausted every possibility to liquidate the progressive democratic forces and tide over the ruling crisis.

The current situation shows the south Korean people would not expect elementary rights far from independence, democracy and reunification, as long as the NSL remains in force.

The NSL, the fascist law, obstructive to independent and democratic development, and national reconciliation and unity should be abrogated as soon as possible.
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