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Drive out War Lunatic!

220-odd political parties and organizations including the People’s Party, the People’s Democratic Party, the People’s Action for Peace against War, the Confederation of Trade Unions and the National Federation of Peasants Association formed the No-Trump Joint Action on Oct. 26 and launched a solidarity struggle.

The Joint Action held a press conference on the formation in Seoul and made public its action plan that day.

Trump has been ridiculed as a “lunatic” and “rogue” by world-peace loving people, however, he will be treated as a “state guest” only in south Korea, they deplored.    

Trump’s belligerent remarks is contrary to the spirit of the 17 million candlelight holders desirous of peace, that is why they should strongly protest against him, they asserted. 

They called on the people of various circles including the workers and peasants to turn out in the campaign for blocking the Trump’s planned visit to south Korea.

Peace has not yet settled on the Korean Peninsula for over 70 years owing to the U.S., speakers at the conference said. They took out their rage, saying that the tense situation on the Korean Peninsula would get sharper with Trump’s visit as an occasion

Noting Trump is not entitled to set his feet on the south Korean land, they urged him to promise to apologize for his reckless remarks at once and not to ignite a war.

They called for the people and candlelight holders who value peace to turn out in the action for peace against Trump.  

Then, the organization made public an action-launching declaration.

The action-launching declaration said that the No-Trump Joint Action was formed to block Seoul visit by Trump who would create the danger of war, force U.S.-made weapon purchase and devastate peace and people’s livelihood. It added that they are going to launch the struggle from this moment.

In order to secure peace in the Korean Peninsula, the U.S., the world biggest nuclear state, should abandon its hostile policy toward the DPRK and stop the provocation of escalating tension by staging the largest-scale war games every year, the declaration noted.  

The U.S. sells war weapons to and puts pressure unbalanced trade requirements upon the other nations to meet its own interests at the sacrifice of the interests of the foreign countries. The U.S. should discard its wicked ambition, it stressed.

The Joint Action is about to launch diverse actions as it set the period from October 30 to November 8 as a No-Trump action week.

It intends to issue a declaration on the situation on Nov. 1 at Gwanghwamun Plaza, march to the U.S. embassy in Seoul after the end of national meeting against Trump on Nov. 4 and hold a news conference against Trump’s junket to Seoul in front of the Cheongwadae and nationwide candlelight rally against war and Trump at the Gwanghwamun Plaza on Nov. 7.

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