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Due Consequence

Lee Myung-bak was detained on March 23 for unpopular rule and high-profile graft.

At the news of Lee’s arrest, civic bodies and people shouted hurrah with joy in each other’s arms and exclaimed “Shame on you.”

   The “Commando for Seizing MB” and other organizations held news conferences near Lee’s residence on March 23 at which they said Lee’s deed is a grave crime which emasculated constitutional order as he sought self-interest by abusing the presidency, while strongly claiming his early detention.    

The ruling Democratic Party and opposition parties stressed that Lee himself invited his arrest and a stern punishment awaits Lee as all suspicions are evident.

He, during his term of presidency, took a bribe worth 11 billion won (11 million US$) and accepted 35 billion won (35 million US$) from a firm.

It is mindset of the south Korean people to mete out punishment of destruction to Lee Myung-bak.

Saying that Lee’s arrest is due result, the south Korean people are waging a vigorous action to remove Lee and the Liberty Korea Party, a hotbed of crime, and achieve justice and democracy.  

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