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Due Punishment

Every sin brings its punishment with it.

On Feb. 19, ex-south Korean president Lee Myung-bak was convicted.

The court overruled the original judgment of fifteen year’s imprisonment and announced seventeen year’s imprisonment.

Lee claimed his innocence denying all suspicion at last pleading. He argued about justice impudently as the suspect who has been sentenced to penal servitude for fifteen years on charge of fraudulence at the first hearing since he abused his position of assemblyman, Seoul mayor and president, the ruling Democratic Party said on Feb.19.

The crime of Lee is unfathomable as he destroyed democracy and played on the people by abusing his power, it noted.

On the same day, the progressive organizations in South Gyeongsang Province welcomed the detention of Lee.

Lee made a great fortune and evaded taxes by abusing the presidency. But he remained consistent in lie and excuse, far from making an apology. We, with the people’s desire for liquidation of deep rooted evils, welcome the judicial decision, they said

 The organizations denounced Hwang and some members of assembly who demanded release of Park Geun-hye.

We will sternly punish Lee and Park together with people through the general election, they stressed.

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