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Dynamic step toward reunification

Broad segments of south Korean people harden their will to accelerate the drive to implement inter-Korean declarations.

Pro-reunification bodies including the South Side Committee for Implementing June 15 Joint Declaration said that it would hinder the growth of opposition forces that dislike the improvement of inter-Korean relations and peace with united strength of the nation desirous of reunification. It added that it would take the lead in the action for the improvement of inter-Korean ties and realization of peaceful reunification.

Progressive civic organizations including the People’s Party and the Solidarity for People’s Sovereignty noted that the south and the north of Korea should adorn this year as the year of implementing the Panmunjeom Declaration and the September Pyongyang Joint Declaration in unity under the banner of national independence and national self-determination. It claimed that it would intensify the action to implement inter-Korean declaration.

Labor organizations including the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions and the Federation of Korean Trade Unions, at the opening ceremony for the year, said that this year is the one of making the Korean Peninsula toward peace and independent reunification. It noted that they would suggest proposals for peace in the Korean Peninsula and independent reunification. They made clear their stand to intensify the action to eliminate the elements disturbing peace and hindering the process of reunification by accelerating solidarity campaign with the civic circles.

On January 2, over 110 civic organizations stated that seventy-years long inter-Korean distrust and hostility should be terminated, the south and the north of Korea should build trust through inter-Korean mutual understanding, exchange and cooperation and they would plan to hold joint meetings to mark the first anniversaries of the April Panmunjeom summit and the September Pyongyang summit.

They claimed that the US should lift sanctions against north Korea as early as possible.

The US should lift sanctions against north Korea as Chairman Kim Jong Un clarified denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula in his new year address and the US had better get rid of its daydream that sanctions can lead to the denuclearization, the progressive bodies pointed out.

Saying that the US should roll back its hostile policy toward north Korea and ease sanctions against it, they strongly urged the government to allow inter-Korean railways, road, communication, humanitarian activity, exchange of culture and sports.

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