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Echo of national liberation

     Seventy-seven years have passed since Korea was liberated from the Japanese military rule.  

South Korean people look back upon the imperishable exploits performed by President Kim Il Sung who defeated ferocious Japanese imperialism to achieve the historic cause of national liberation.

The President, in the darkest period when the Korean nation stood at the crossroads of life and death, unfolded the anti-Japanese war in his teens with an unflinching resolution to liberate Korea usurped by the Japanese imperialism through concerted efforts of the Korean nation.

It was not easy to declare a war against one million strong Japanese army styling itself the “leader” of Asia with neither state-backing home front nor assistance of a regular army.

With two pistols given by his father Kim Hyong Jik as an asset, the President organized the Anti-Japanese People’s Guerrilla Army to fight against Japanese imperialism and inspired all Koreans from various circle to a sacred war against Japan.

Thanks to the sagacious guidance of the President, who led the bloody war against Japanese imperialists to victory in the face of hardships of every description, the Korean nation could put an end to the Japanese colonial rule and achieve the historic cause of the country’s liberation.

Korea’s liberation was an epochal event that brought a new morning of national resurrection and made a radical turn in carving out the destiny of the Korean people.

The DPRK people have hewed out their destiny independently and recorded victory as a power independent in politics, self-supporting in the economy and self-reliant in national defense.

Chairman Kim Jong Il, deeming it as his lifelong mission to carry forward to completion the revolutionary cause of Juche started by the President, defended the dignity and sovereignty of the DPRK with his outstanding ideology and rare leadership and provided a sure guarantee for national reunification and prosperity.  

The gigantic feats performed by the President and the Chairman remain long thanks to the Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.

Kim Jong Un has frustrated the vicious moves of the US and its vassal forces to strangle the DPRK to defend the sovereignty and interests of the nation, while transforming the DPRK into a paradise for the people with his devotion to the people.  

His leadership gives the Korean people high pride of being a member of the Korean nation but extreme fear to the hostile elements within and without. 

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