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Echo of Panmunjeom

It has been 23 years since Chairman Kim Jong Il inspected the truce village of Panmunjeom on Nov. 24 1996.

His inspection of Panmunjeom was an event of historic significance which caused a worldwide sensation.

Panmunjeom is the acutest place in the world. 

It is the place where war and peace have been interchanged for decades and reunification and division have stood in standoff with each other.

Chairman Kim Jong Il inspected Panmunjeom where long-standing tension and danger is prevalent.

It was a bold decision and historic inspection made by the Chairman who devoted himself to Korea’s reunification.

His inspection of Panmunjeom evoked lively response among south Korean people.

They highly praised that only Chairman Kim Jong Il, who was born in Mt. Paektu, could make such bold decision to visit the truce village of Panmunjeom.

Taken aback by the news of his inspection of Panmunjeom, Washington, Tokyo and Seoul suffered from fear and uneasiness

They made an outcry that atomic bomb exploded under their feet and the US information system GPS proved ineffectual by fog accompanied by the Chairman.

His inspection gave hope of and optimism about the national reunification but a staggering blow to the anti-reunification elements

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