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Elevating tendency of distrust and abhorrence

     South Korean people of various strata bitterly condemn the Yoon Suk-yeol regime for downplaying the September Pyongyang Joint Declaration with the 4th anniversary of its publication.

Yoon blustered that he would abrogate the September Pyongyang Joint Declaration if he wins the presidency.

The south Korean military openly hints abolition of the joint declaration when Yoon came into power and the ruling People’s Power Party clamored inter-Korean military agreement was reduced to a scrap of paper.

Yoon described inter-Korean summit as a “political show” deceiving the public feeling.

The September Pyongyang Joint Declaration and inter-Korean military agreement are in an extremely precarious position owing to Yoon’s hostile policy towards north Korea, the significance of September Pyongyang Joint Declaration, which excited the south and the north of Korea, is weakened day by day and inter-Korean ties have been derailed, south Korean mass media and experts expressed their deep concerns.  

The current situation shows that Yoon is a harasser of peace and traitor to the nation who tightens the situation of the Korean Peninsula and stokes inter-Korean faceoff.   

The broad sections of south Koreans are afire with hatred towards the Yoon regime, chanting slogan against it.  

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