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Eternal Day of the Shining Star

On the threshold of the Day of the Shining Star, the Korean nation and humankind are mesmerized by the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who leads the revolutionary cause of Juche which is associated with whole life of Chairman Kim Jong Il to a period of fresh upsurge and a period of great changes. 
The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un advanced strategy and a blueprint for building a rich country desired by the Chairman with his outstanding ideological and theoretical wisdom.
He ushers in the greatest heyday admired by the world people in every dimension of political, economic and military fields.
The single-hearted unity, the powerful tool of the DPRK, and the might of politico-ideological giant have been consolidated under his judicious leadership.
Under his wise guidance, the overall national power and position of the DPRK, that attained the final goal for completing the state nuclear force, are put on the highest stage.
The ultra-modern strategic and tactical weapons passed through in the military parades held at Kim Il Sung Square in October last year and January this year.
It is attributable to matchless pluck of and indefatigable efforts made by the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who has safeguarded peace and national safety in the harshest trials.
He saw to it that top-class anti-epidemic measures for preventing COVID-19 was taken and led the campaign for recovery from natural disasters to relieve the pains of flood victims.
Now the DPRK is making a breakthrough head-on under the slogans of “The people are God,” single-hearted unity and self-reliance and dynamically advancing to attain a grand goal for building a thriving nation which was set forth at the Eighth Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea.
The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un has remarkably strengthened the strategic position of the DPRK with his rare diplomatic strategy and adroit external activities. He steers the ever-changing world political trend and defends peace by dint of independence and justice.
Thanks to the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who remains loyal to Chairman Kim Jong Il, the spring of February is eternal and the Day of the Shining Star will be celebrated as the common holiday to the Korean nation and humanity.  

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