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Eternal Father of Nation

This is July in which the public irresistible reverence for President Kim Il Sung is fervent. 

Twenty-five years have elapsed since President Kim Il Sung passed away, however, he is alive in the minds of the Korean nation. 

He is the peerless patriot and great man unparalleled in history who devoted his life just for the sake of his nation.

The country’s multi-millennial history knows many famous persons but no one except President Kim Il Sung admired and revered by all people century after century.

The Korean people have been blessed with illustrious leaders generation after generation, a pro-reunification figure in Seoul said with emotion.

A student living in Busan said:

The sun is eternal. It is symbolic of immortality.

President Kim Il Sung is a great man just like the sun.

He is eternal in terms of ideology, exploits and personality.

Human history has seen many famous persons but none of them is on a par with him in the light of idea, political ability, personality, appearance and achievements. 

He is the greatest man and sage than all prominent persons recorded in world history, all combined. 

President Kim Il Sung dedicated his all to the realization of the country’s reunification. He set forth most reasonable strategy for reunification including the three principles of national reunification, the 10-point program for the great unity of the whole nation and the proposal for founding the Democratic Federal Republic of Koryo. He arouses the Korean nation to achieve the national reunification and put his last signature to the historic document relating to reunification until his last breath.

Therefore, the Korean nation always remembers him and reveres him as the eternal father of the nation.

 A south Korean politician said:

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un is leading the Korean nation’s movement for national reunification true to noble intention of PresidentKim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il.

Historic inter-Korean declarations mirror the Supreme Leader’s inflexible will to accomplish the national reunification desired by the preceding leaders.

Led by him, the undying achievements made by the preceding leaders in realizing the national reunification will shine for all ages. He is determined to make an all-out effort to write a fresh history of independent reunification, peace and prosperity.  
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