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Eternal Father of the Korean People

Kim Jong Il provides field guidance to Ryongsong Foodstuff Factory in Pyongyang
Eternal Father of the Korean People
 December has become the month of great yearning the Korean people have for the peerlessly great man of the nation since  Kim Jong Il, eternal leader of the nation, had passed away unexpectedly on December 17, Juche 100 (2011).

Kim Jong Il who cherished a noble view on people made painstaking efforts for his people throughout his life.

Saying that he should do more for his people who are the best in the world, but was impatient as time passed, Kim Jong Il visited everywhere in the country, whether it be out-of-the-way or unpopulated, to meet his people, including ordinary workers and farmers.

In July Juche 90 (2001) Kim Jong Il dropped in at a farmers house while providing field guidance at a fish farm in Poman-ri, Sohung County, North Hwanghae Province.

Like a father who paid a visit to his childrens newly established home, he got familiar with their living conditions and even told them to do kitchen garden farming well, growing fruit trees and kidney beans in the environs of houses. Then he warmly told them to write him when the electrification is realized and all the housekeeping, including cooking and heating, done with electricity.

In January Juche 98 (2009) he visited the house of a worker at Wonsan Youth Power Station.

He looked at the wedding photograph of the couple, discharged soldiers of the Korean Peoples Army, and balls of soybean malt hanging on the wall and said he would taste the bean paste made of the malt. In the kitchen, he even counted the number of bowls in the cupboard and said to the workers wife, who is expecting a child a few months later, that the kitchen bowls would not be enough for her family. Afterward he had a new TV and complete set of enamelware sent to the family.

Finding his happiness and delight in those enjoyed by his people, Kim Jong Il continuously visited them throughout his life and left many anecdotes of touching affection.

When he visited Taehongdan County on the northern tip of the country he complied with the wife of an ex-soldier to name a baby to be born; while visiting a family at Kilju County in North Hamgyong Province, he asked the child about future ambition and told the parents to bring up the children finely.

For his solicitude, all the Korean people called him their dear father and entrusted him entirely with their destiny.

Though time passes, the benevolent image of Kim Jong Il will remain forever in the hearts of the Korean people as well as his revolutionary career.

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