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Eternal Lodestar of Korea’s Reunification

With the approach of February 16, leader Kim Jong Il‘s 75th birthday, the entire Korean people are filled with intense yearning for him who put his heart and soul to hand down a reunified country to the coming generation.

He, who regarded the national reunification as his noble mission all his life, glorified President Kim Il Sung‘s feats for the reunification and instilled conviction and will of reunification into the nation by marking a new turning point in the great national unity.

He issued immortal works such as “Let us carry out the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung’s instructions for national reunification” and “Let us reunify the country independently and peacefully through the great unity of the entire nation” to define the idea and line of the President for the reunification as the three charters for national reunification and put forward the five-point policy for the great national unity to be served as a powerful tool for independent reunification.

Korea’s reunification is an internal affair of the Korean nation from A to Z. The reunification must be achieved by the Korean people’s own efforts, in an independent and peaceful way in conformity with their own intention and interest and on the principle of overall national unity without any foreign interference. It is his idea running through with his policy of national reunification.

The history of his leadership for Korea’s reunification was a great person’s lifetime for national unity.

Thanks to sagacious leadership of leader Kim Jong Il, who led the Korean nation to the reunification movement with his patriotic noble virtue and personality, the inter-Korean summits were held in Pyongyang and the jubilant June 15 reunification era was ushered in.

Giving priority to strengthen the nation’s own force for the national reunification, he implanted firm independent consciousness and sense of responsibility for the nation’s destiny in the minds of the entire Korean people and led them to the way of reunification and patriotism. During the period of the most severe trials, he built up mighty national power of the DPRK holding high the banner of Songun. Thanks to the mighty power, the destiny of the nation is firmly safeguarded and the Korean nation wins victory after victory in the showdown with the US that divided the nation and checks the reunification with military high-handedness. As above-said facts, he laid solid basis and built powerful force to achieve national reunification with his energetic guidance.

Various circles of south Korean people extol the leader to the skies as following. “Chairman Kim Jong Il, who devoted his all to remove the pain of national division and opened up a broad avenue to independent reunification and peaceful prosperity, is the eternal lodestar of national reunification.” South Korean mass media praise him highly noting that his exploits for ensuring stability and peace on the Korean Peninsula with Songun politics will be remembered forever in the national history.

As the Korean nation highly venerates supreme leader Kim Jong Un as the sun of the nation, the instructions of leader Kim Jong Il for national reunification will be realized without fail and the reunification, the long-cherished desire of the Korean nation, will surely come true.

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