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Eternal Sun of Songun

 Eternal Sun of Songun 
It is a year since Kim Jong Il, whom the Korean people had trusted and followed as the Heaven, passed away. The Korean people and the world progressives’ irresistible yearning for him are growing deeper with the passage of time.

The Korean people and the world progressives were with tears of grief over the untimely demise of leader Kim Jong Il. The world was deep in an ineffable sorrow.  

More than 190 countries and the international organizations including the UN expressed deep condolences on the death of Kim Jong Il

In the mourning days, heads of ruling parties, states, governments, political parties and organizations from 120 countries and high-ranking figures from political, social, military and economic circles, heads of international organizations, the study groups of Juche idea and pro-DPRK organizations sent messages of condolence for the leader.   

4, 100 wreaths and flower baskets from the heads of parties, states and governments and prominent figures of organizations from many countries laid before the bier of Kim Jong Il, the portrait of beaming leader at Kim Il Sung Square in Pyongyang and the portraits of leader in the DPRK embassies in their residential countries. 

10, 000 mass media of 150 countries and regions made quick reports or special edition on the demise of Kim Jong Ilbeyond all precedents. 

The world people’s ardent yearning for Kim Jong Il was hot on the occasion of the Day of Shining Star in this year. 

Many heads of states and parties of the countries sent messages to the dear respected Kim Jong Un and many other figures made public statements in memory of the leader. 

The political parties, governments and international organizations sent flower baskets and bouquets of flower praying for immortality of Kim Jong Il to the DPRK embassies in their residential countries.  

Many organizations including the Juche and Songun Study Group of North America made up special edition in praise of Kim Jong Il in their websites. 

Publishing houses of several countries issued many works of Kim Jong Il including Respecting the Forerunners of the Revolution Is a Noble Moral Obligation of Revolutionaries and Our Socialism Centered on the Masses Shall not Perish in pamphlet. 

Kim Jong Il authored the works to enrich the Juche idea of President Kim Il Sung.

He formulated the President’s revolutionary ideas as the integrated system of idea, theory and method of Juche through his energetic ideological and theoretical undertakings. It is his imperishable achievements made in history of human ideology.  

The sun is symbolic of benevolence for it has a brilliant ray, heat and an irresistible attraction.  

Kim Jong Il, a legendary great man whose ideology, leadership and morality can be compared only with the sun, is the sun of Songun who had dedicated his all to the victorious advance of the Korean revolution and the cause of making the world independent for two centuries. 

Progressive mankind of the world will make a steady progress, following the sun of Songun

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