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Eternal sunny image

President Kim Il Sung was the great leader of the revolution, benevolent father of the people and the sun of Juche who is being greatly admired by the world people.

 As the sun is eternal, the benign image of the President is deeply cherished not only by the Korean people but by progressive mankind.

 He made his lifelong dedication to the improvement of the people’s livelihood, always finding himself among them.

His sunny image was just rosy future of Juche Korea and happiness of the people.

His image reflected the ideal of the DPRK and dream of the people.

 Inspired by the his sunny image, the DPRK people have spared no efforts to build up a powerful socialist power independent in politics, self-supporting in the economy and self-reliant in national defense.

His image was the sunny image lighting up the whole world.

The President embraced the DPRK people as well as the world people in his bosom with his bright smile.

The world progressive people, who visited Pyongyang shining with the Juche idea, regarded the pleasure of seeing the President as their greatest happiness and honor.

Many world leaders of the revolutionary parties, statesmen and followers of the Juche idea, have kept deep in their mind that the master of their own destiny is themselves after having the honor with the audience of the President.

The President, who illuminates the road to be followed by the era and humankind, is the eternal sun of Juche.

Led by the Supreme Leader, President Kim Il Sung will be immortal century after century as he is like the sun.


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