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Ever-growing anti–Japanese feeling

Early in July, south Korean people’s anti-Japanese feeling is spreading as Japan removed south Korea from white list.

Members of the People’s Action against Abe called a news conference in front of the Japanese embassy in Seoul on August 2 to denounce Japan which passed a bill removing south Korea from the white list, chanting slogans against Japan.

A series of protest against Japan’s economic retaliation took place in Seoul. 

Civic organizations including the Korea Confederation of Trade Unions and the Solidarity for Progress held a candlelight rally against Japan in sultry weather. 

15 000 people urged the south Korean authorities to abolish GSOMIA and agreement on comfort women by repaying a billion ¥.

  On the same day, they chanted anti-Japanese slogans carrying bulletin board at the candlelight rally held under the sponsorship of the People’s Action against Abe.

They chanted slogans “Let’s write a new history by dint of people”, “Let’s achieve victory by candlelight resistance” and “Apologize, aggressive domination”.

On August 3, a meeting against Japan was held beside the Japanese consulate. More than 600 people took part in the meeting. There was a speech made by a student in Busan and art performance.

They called for the people to sweep away pro-Japanese forces.

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