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Ever-increasing apprehension

     The Yoon Suk-yeol regime is causing south Koreans uneasiness.

Yoon, who promised the additional deployment of THAAD, made his position that he would conclude the process of deployment until next month to put the base into regular operation.    

He did not agree with “3 nos” (no additional deployment of THAAD, no participation in the US missile defense system and no engagement in the tripartite military alliance between south Korea, the US and Japan) and “1 limit” (restriction of THAAD operation in south Korea) that the neighboring nations have claimed.  

It is clear that south Korea is faced with strong backlash and economic retaliation of the neighboring nations with the deployment of THAAD.

Meanwhile, Yoon made definite decision to turn the defense industry into an export-oriented strategic industry and is busy with his efforts to realize it.

It only creates the economic crisis and insecurity.

It was by no means fortuitous that the south Koreans from various circles strongly demand Yoon’s retirement from the presidency.

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