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Ever increasing public outcry against Yoon

 Recently, it is to be noted that Yoon Suk-yeol should step down from power in south Korea. 

This is the picture showing grand candlelight march in demand of “resignation of Yoon and special inspection of Kim Keon-hee” held in Seoul on Oct. 8.

The participants demanded Yoon step down from power shouting slogans “Inspect Kim Keon-hee who fabricated stocks” and “condemn Yoon who deceives south Korean people”.

A south Korean mass media reported that the candlelight rallies were held in demand of Yoon’s resignation in Gwangju, Gunsan, Chuncheon and Gongju.


This is the picture showing the rally sponsored by the Headquarters of South Gyeongsang Province against Yoon who has destroyed people’s livelihood, democracy and peace.

The south Koreans’ disappointment and anger has reached to the extreme though it has been barely five months since the Yoon regime came into power, they have demanded the resignation and punishment of Yoon and people gave up all hope on the Yoon regime, there has never been such a regime as Yoon’s in history, the regime cheating and disregarding the people must be changed, it expressed in a statement.

The public sentiment has already made a death penalty on Yoon.

The anti-Yoon struggle being waged every nook and corner of south Korea is the representation of strong condemnation of the Yoon regime which is engaged in pro-US sycophancy, dependence on outsiders and misgovernment.

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