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Ever-increasing struggle against outside forces

Intense campaign against the US and Japan are being waged across south Korea.

The South Side Committee for Implementing June 15 Joint Declaration released a statement in demand of cancellation of the US and south Korea joint military drill, and withdrawal of hostile policy toward north Korea.

The statement keenly criticized that two round of aerial joint games are the prelude to a crisis, saying that the south Korean and US authorities intensified military pressure and threat unprecedented in the Korean Peninsula.

The largest scale joint military drill is scheduled in coming March, pressure through military face-off will only result in the irremediable catastrophe, the Yoon regime and the US must call off all exercise plans and withdraw its hostile policies toward north Korea, it strongly demanded.

Meanwhile, a civic organization in opposition to the THAAD was pouring its censure on the south Korean authorities which had dismissed a suit against the deployment of THAAD brought by the inhabitants.

They accused the authorities of looking on the violent illegality with folded arms without even a proper legalistic investigation though the deployment of THAAD has caused serious loss to diplomacy and economy, and severe deterioration of neighbors’ livelihood for the past 7 years.

A few days ago, the Gwangju Metropolitan Assembly adopted a resolution in denunciation of the authorities to wink at the forcible drafting crime committed by Japan.

The resolution bitterly censured that conniving at an apology of war criminal enterprise is nothing but a retrogression of history and the reduction to a regime for Japs.

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