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Ever-increasing uneasiness and horror


The declaration of national defense buildup at the 8th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea and military parade throw the south Korean military into uneasiness and horror.

 The south Korean military is busy trying to make countermeasure as north Korea’s new-type tactical guided weapons capable of carrying tactical nuclear warhead were shown to the public. South Korea would be put to great annoyance by 600mm multiple rocket launchers if it is loaded with small-sized nuclear warhead in contingency, the south Korean media reported.  

They are going panic-stricken in uneasiness and horror that if north Korea makes a nuclear-powered submarine, south Korea’s submarines would be useless. Hot debate is going on within the south Korean military but no option.   

Interception is impossible if north Korea’s multiple rocket launchers and tactical nuclear rockets of different caliber open fire in the ratio of 10 to 1. North Korea holds a sure military edge, experts in north Korea and researchers of military studies of south Korea commented.  

The opposition parties including the People’s Power Party said that north Korea’s weapons of the latest model pose a serious threat beyond warning.

Comments within and without is suggestive of rapid growth of north Korea’s military capability would amplify south Korea’s feeling of anxiety.

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