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Ever-more undisguised war moves against the DPRK

 The south Korean warlike force have kicked off war games against north Korea to aggravate the tension of Korean Peninsula from the New Year in spite of the Korean nation’s demand to avert the danger of war and ensure peace and security.

South Korean minister of defense Han Min-gu inspected the missile command known as control tower of “Kill Chain”, a system of preemptive strike against north Korea on January 9, saying “quick and correct response”.

The missile command’s mission is strike of nuke and missile bases in north Korea.

On Jan. 11, Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Lee Sun-jin and the south Korea-US Combined Forces Commander Curtis Scaparrotti visited the south Korean air force operation command and the US 7th air command to bluster “deterrence of provocation” and “response and readiness”.

Washington sent B-52 strategic bomber, a major strategic arm, to the Korean Peninsula with a poor excuse of the DPRK’s first successful H-bomb test.

The south Korean navy staged a naval live shell firing drill in the waters off South Chungcheong Province of south Korea on Jan. 15. The 50th infantry division of south Korean army launched a field tactical exercise for promotion of winter operation from Jan. 18 to 22.

On Jan. 18, the 20th motorized infantry division started a tactical drill for the intense cold.

The 35th Division of the south Korean army announced that it would stage a mid-winter training from Jan. 18 to 29. They described the drill as one to cope with “additional provocation” by north Korea.

The Solidarity for Peace and Reunification called a press conference in Seoul on Jan. 20 to demand suspension of sanctions and pressure pursued by Seoul and Washington.

They urged the south Korean government to come to the negotiation table for denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula and conclusion of peace treaty, criticizing the Uncle Sam that is going to build Missile Defense and triangular alliance between south Korea, Japan and the US.

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