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Ever mounting anti-Japanese feeling

    People at home and abroad demand thoroughgoing investigation into the Japan’s past crimes and express their surging indignation at Yoon Suk-yeol group.

A few days ago, a civil organization in south Korea issued statement in demand of strict investigation into massacre of Koreans in Sakhalin during the period of Japanese occupation.  

It needs reinvestigation as new evidence was found though the civic organizations in south Korea published report on truth about massacre in Mizho in 2008. There are sayings that Japanese imperialists spread gasoline with fire hose and fired imprisoned people to death in Siska and the victims in Mizho were 35 not 27 at that time, it noted.

It urged the authority to find the classified total of casualties through the investigation and console the victims.

Meantime, the Justice Party strongly denounced Yoon group’s decision to take part in international naval review of Japanese Maritime Self-defense Force to be held in the early of next month.

The spokesman for the Justice Party condemned through the statement that the rising sun flag which will be hoist in the naval review is the symbol of the Japanese militarism and it is a flag of war crime, south Korean navy’s participation in the naval review at which flying the Flag of the Rising Sun is contrary to the national feeling and it is the same as approval to remilitarization of Japan.

Japan turns to Rightist to have regular army by enactment of peaceful constitution with continuous historical distortion. Yoon regime must turn off the radio repeating the “north threat” and respond the security crisis of the Korean Peninsula and Asia which Japanese militarism would produce, it stressed.


Liquidate past crimes committed by Japan!

Stop pro-Japanese act!


Stop tripartite military nexus between south Korea, US and Japan!


Make an apology for the crime of comfort women for Japanese imperial army!

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