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Ever-mounting struggle

 On March 6, 1 367 civil groups including the South Side Committee for Implementing June 15 Joint Declaration and the People’s Joint Action marched from the Ministry of Defense to the presidential mansion Cheongwadae.


After the march, they had a press conference at which they said the south Korea-US joint military exercise is just the war game against the same brethren and hostility to them. The war maneuver should be suspended and cancelled, they pointed out.    

Nationwide rallies in demand of suspension of the joint military rehearsal took place across south Korea.

On the same day, the Busan Headquarters for Implementing June 15 Joint Declaration issued a declaration in denunciation of the joint military war exercise.

On March 9, an online meeting was held to demand the suspension of the joint war exercise with the participation of residents from sixteen regions of south Korea.

The Busan Joint Action for Withdrawal of the US Forces from south Korea held a meeting in opposition to the joint war drill. It staged one-man-demonstration and distributed 40 000 bills. It sponsored the rallies in demand of suspension of the war game, bringing to light the true nature and dangerousness of the joint war game at 12 P.M. in every day from March 12.

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