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Ever-victorious 70-odd years

     The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea marks its 74th founding anniversary on September 9.

The DPRK founded by President Kim Il Sung on September 9, 1948 was an epoch-making event that a people’s power serving the popular masses was born for the first time in history.  

The 70 odd years-long history of the DPRK was the course of victory and glory which recorded a heroic epic going with the august names of the peerlessly great persons and the annals of creation and prosperity in which the DPRK has turned into the most superior people-centered socialist state under the excellent guidance of the prominent great men.

The President built a socialist power that is independent in politics, self-supporting in the economy and self-reliant in defense with his political philosophy “The people are my God” and indefatigable guidance and set a worldwide example of building a paradise for the people in the era of independence.

Chairman Kim Jong Il boosted the military clout in the harshest period to firmly defend the dignity and sovereignty of the nation and socialism by resolutely smashing the imperialist allied forces’ moves to isolate and strangle the DPRK.

The titanic achievements made by the President and Chairman, who remarkably strengthened the DPRK with their seasoned and tested leadership and provided a sure guarantee for the implementation of the revolutionary cause of Juche, would be glorified for all ages.   

The DPRK enjoys the greatest heyday of its development thanks to the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.

Kim Jong Un, who is possessed of pure loyalty and moral obligation as his inborn disposition, saw to it that the President and Chairman, the founders and leaders of the DPRK, are revered  through all ages and the DPRK is glorified as the sun’s nation.  

With the noble mission to glorify outstanding idea of the state building and achievements of the preceding leaders, he put the DPRK on the position of a politico-ideological power with his matchless pluck, bold decision, unrivalled political ability and executive faculty.  

Steered by Kim Jong Un, the DPRK is performing world-startling miracles in the building of a socialist giant in defiance of sanctions and pressure of the reactionary forces of imperialism on the strength of the single-minded unity, strong military muscle, self-development, science and technology.

Thanks to the tireless effort of Kim Jong Un, who sets the people-first doctrine as a state policy and attaches great importance to the people’s health, the DPRK stamped out the spread of COVID-19 that made inroads into the country in three months and attained the great victory in the epidemic prevention campaign unprecedented in history of the world health.   

He put the DPRK on the summit of the independent era by radically enhancing the external prestige and influence of the DPRK with his rare judgment and prominent leadership.  

The DPRK, led by the peerlessly great persons generation after generation, is recording one victory after another century after century.

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