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Everlasting exploits

The DPRK, which makes a remarkable show of its inexhaustible power displaying the national dignity and spirit throughout the world, is greeting the 78th anniversary of national liberation.

A historic event worth a special mention in the annals of the national history was the liberation of Korea by President Kim Il Sung, the sun of the nation and the peerless patriot, through the 20-year-long anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle.

There has been no such legendary hero as the President who achieved the great cause of national liberation by leading the bloody war against the one million-strong army of Japanese imperialism to victory in the teeth of raging blizzard of Mt. Paektu under the unfurled banner of self-reliant anti-Japanese armed struggle in all ages and countries.

Thanks to the national liberation achieved by the great President, the north Korean people could put an end to the history of national tribulation, and at the same time, greet a new era of independence in which they work out their own destiny, and they have scored a series of victories and glories.

Chairman Kim Jong Il safeguarded national dignity and sovereignty, and laid a foundation as solid as rock for the lasting prosperity of the nation by enhancing the dignity and might of the DPRK regained by the President on the highest level.

The imperishable achievements of the great leaders which will go down in the history of the country are shining by the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, a great person born of heaven.

The DPRK enjoys a high status thanks to Kim Jong Un leading the struggle for the comprehensive socialist development to a fresh victory, scathingly thwarting every challenge of the US and its vassal forces.

Of recent, the celebration functions including the grand military parade marking the 70th war victory anniversary fully demonstrated the prestige of the DPRK flexing its muscles as an invariable independent power advancing toward a rosy future, rallied behind the Marshal in single mind.

The DPRK has raised its profile as an invincible power worthy of the name which can put a stop to reckless moves of the US to invade and strangle the DPRK and turned into a socialist paradise resounding with merry laughter of the people now.

Credit for this goes to rare political caliber and outstanding yet sophisticated leadership of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.

World-startling reality of the DPRK which has gained successive wins for centuries instills the pride and honor into all the fellow countrymen at home and abroad.

All the Korean people have complete confidence in the truth that bright future is in store for the Korean nation thanks to the DPRK, the genuine motherland of the nation on the historic occasion of the 78th anniversary of national liberation.

Patriotic people of south Korea are full of resolve to certainly accomplish the independent cause of the nation under the guidance of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un with the boundless pride and strong self-respect of having the peerlessly great men on the highest post of the nation through generations.

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