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Exasperation into Revolt

South Korea is in a furious mood owing to the Park Geun-hye group’s allowance of THAAD introduction.

Residents in Songju County, North Gyeongsang Province were shocked at Park Geun-hye’s pro-US subservient act as the Songju County was chosen as a site for THAAD to be deployed. They are carrying on a stubborn actions including hunger strike, holding slogans “Strong opposition to THAAD deployment” written with their blood.

On July 13, the emergency measure committee of all county people against deployment of THAAD in Songju held a rally with the attendance of more than 5 000 residents and formed a delegation and paid a protest visit to the National Defense Ministry.

Members of the delegation handed over the protest letter signed by at least 25 000 residents, members of “assembly” and the county head to the vice-minister and said in a rage that the National Defense Ministry unilaterally decided the deployment of THAAD without agreement of the residents. They said THAAD deployment is not for the south Korean people but for defending the U.S. military bases.

On July 15, prime minister Hwang Gyo-an and defense minister Han Min-gu made their way to Songju County and explained the inevitability of THAAD deployment to appease the enraged residents. However, the residents casted dirt at the prime minister and threw eggs, salt and water bottles at him.   

The prime minister and his party took their buses to get out of there after hiding themselves in the county office. He was confined in the bus for six and half hours as the residents surrounded his bus. He lost his upper garment kept with a mobile phone and pocketbook during scuffle between the residents.     

He took flight by a helicopter after extricating himself from the scene, changing the car two times under the patronage of the security guards.  

The Solidarity for Peace and Unification held a news conference in front of the building of the National Defense Ministry on July 13. It said that if THAAD is deployed, south Korea will be an outpost for defending the U.S. and Japan, its relations with the neighboring countries will get worse to increase the danger of war on the Korean peninsula and cause a new Cold War in Northeast Asia.

About 300 members of the national measure committee against deployment of THAAD in the Korean Peninsula held a rally in Seoul on July 16 to strongly oppose the deployment of THAAD, saying that the introduction of THAAD is not for peace and security but poses a threat.  
The Park Geun-hye regime’s decision of THAAD deployment shows the character of its pro-US subservience.

The residents of Songju County picked off a large-sized photo of Park Geun-hye to throw it into a wastebasket.

Now the residents of Songju County and people of various circles harden their determination to carry on actions until the decision is cancelled.

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