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Expanding campaign against deployment of THAAD

Hair-cut, street march, hunger strike, candlelight demonstrations, seminars, signature campaign, rallies and protest visit have been staged in south Korea by people of various circles including workers, peasants, youth and students as well as professors and religious men to protest against the deployment of THAAD.

Hundreds of civic bodies have launched the actions against the deployment of THAAD and its scale is on the increase.

The civic organization including the Solidarity for Peace and Unification said that the US and south Korean authorities plunged the south Koreans into a fear of war through the declaration of THAAD deployment and launched protest action.  

On July18, the national measure committee against deployment of THAAD held a press conference in front of the building of national assembly in which it asserted that if THAAD is deployed in south Korea, it would be reduced to an advanced base for safeguarding the US and Japan.  

The south Korean mass media including Kyunghyang Daily NewsHangyerehMinjok Ilbo and CBS revealed the essence and possibility of danger of THAAD deployment and censured the authorities treacherous act.  

The opposition parties reproached the Park Geun-hye regime’s unilateral decision of the deployment of THAAD without public consensus.

The residents of Songju County expressed their towering indignation at the authorities’ decision and turned out as one in the action against the deployment of THAAD.   

The Songju Committee for Checking THAAD Deployment involving inhabitants of Songju County, North Gyeongsang Province launched a protest action in Seoul on July 21 to urge the authorities to withdraw the decision of deployment of THAAD through tonsure and silence.

They chanted slogans against the deployment of THAAD, holding placards written “Bad president, minister and premier”.

The south Korean people’s stubborn actions against the deployment of THAAD deal a fatal blow at the treacherous Park Geun-hye regime. 

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