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Extremely risky military provocation

     The US and south Korean regimes are going to carry out north Korea-targeted war exercise Ulchi Freedom Shield on a large scale.

It is a naked provocation against north Korea and an intolerable challenge to the Korean nation desirous of peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula.

A joint military exercise being conducted by the US and south Korean war maniacs is a direct revelation of their hostile policies toward north Korea.

Ulchi Freedom Shield is a trial war exercise against north Korea according to their new operation plan.

Involved in the exercise are the US troops in south Korea, Hawaii-based commanding groups of the Pacific Command, all the forces to be hurled in case of emergency on the Korean Peninsula, combined commands in the US and Europe, the forces of Japan and even NATO.    

The US dispatched striking groups of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers to the waters of south Korea two times and deployed various kinds of nuclear striking means including nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, strategic bombers B-1B and B-52 and F-22 Raptor and F-35 stealth fighters in south Korea and its vicinity.

The US open declaration of deployment of nuclear war hardware and its striking groups proves its aggressive move against north Korea is put into practice.

The situation of the Korean Peninsula is inching close to a war owing to the most heinous confrontational policy against the fellow countrymen and treacherous act of the Yoon regime incomparable with past conservative regimes.

It again defined north Korea and its army as the “chief enemy”. It has made frantic efforts to develop weaponry and munitions industry, advocating “peace through strength” and “security through strength”. It has introduced the US nuclear strategic hardware into south Korea and conducted joint military exercises under various codenames.

The US and south Korean bellicose forces conducted all military exercises under the “annual” and “defensive” veil in the past. However, they openly declared that the war exercises are aimed at “elimination of north Korean leadership” and “overthrow of north Korean system”.  

The US-south Korea joint military exercise is the worldwide all-out nuclear war exercise in view of extensiveness of scale, intensity of the exercise and recklessness of practice.

No one can vouch that the exercises will not go over to an all-out nuclear war.

South Koreans are accelerating a vigorous action against thoughtless north Korea-targeted military maneuvers of the US and the Yoon clique.

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