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Farce inciting conservatism

On Oct.3, a meeting of south Korea-US conservatism was held with attendance of members of the Liberty Korea Party, experts and north Korean defectors including the White House ex-national security deputy advisor.

South Korea-US alliance is in danger state and south Korea should have access to nukes, they stressed.

The US conservative politicians said that the south Korean conservatives should have the victory in the general election. They are inciting the south Korean conservatives’ offensive against the government and laying bare their attempt to interfere in parliamentary election to be held in next year.

It is another farce the south Korean conservative plotted to take power in conspiracy with the US conservatives.

It is an open secret that the south Korean conservatives including the LKP have made desperate efforts to seize the power by uniting the conservative forces with the backing of the US.

The US conservative politicians are inciting the south Korean conservatives to the anti-government campaign and inter-Korean confrontation maneuvers, clamoring about “crisis of democracy” and “self-nuclear armament”.

It is aimed to get rid of progressive reform force of south Korea and help the pro-US conservatives to take power.

The current situation of south Korea is more unstable day by day owing to vicious moves of the US and the south Korean conservatives’ attempt to take power by the help of the US.

The AINDF would smash insidious attempt of the US and south Korean conservative forces by accelerating struggle of the people from various circles.

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