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Fascist outrage against democracy

The Park Geun-hye regime forcibly dissolved the Unified Progressive Party of south Korea through a decision of the Constitutional Court and deprived five lawmakers from the party of their membership as the “National Assemblymen”.

The UPP, founded in 2000 as the successor to the Democratic Workers’ Party, has launched a vigorous action for independence, democracy and national reunification in the van in accordance with intention and demand of the south Korean working people.    

Progressive democracy, independence and reunification, the UPP’s program, reflect the demand and intention of the broad segments of south Korean people. 

The Constitutional Court made the decision on the dissolution in just thirty minutes, charging that the program of the party is just like the “Juche idea and Juche concept of the north” and the “north’s revolutionary strategy toward the south”, and that its objective and activities are aimed to “realize progressive democracy by violence and to build socialism the way the north did in the end”.

Now freedom of a political party is ensured in the world and leftist political parties are in full activity legally even in the western capitalist nations. Elementary political freedom and democratic right are seriously violated and a legal party was dissolved in south Korea in the 21st century. It is the greatest criminal act against democracy.  

The people from various fields and international human rights organizations denounce the dissolution, saying “it is a strangulation of democracy and human rights,” “Judicial slaughter of party democracy” and “Unimaginable political oppression in international community.” 

The dissolution is aimed to destroy the pro-reunification forces and check the opposition party’s power by branding the UPP as the pro-north Korean party. Meanwhile it is a sinister purpose of the Park regime to tide over ever-worsening ruling crisis.

With the dissolution, democracy met an end in south Korea and fruit of democracy gained by bloody struggle of the south Koreans turned to dust and ashes and south Korea turned into a notorious “Yushin” dictatorial age.

Now the south Koreans from all social standings, denouncing the dissolution of the UPP as an intolerable fascist outrage against democracy and human rights, turn out in the struggle to ostracize the Park regime.
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