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Father of the Nation

President Kim Il Sung meets Rev. Moon Ik-hwan

Normally, as years go by, everything would be forgotten. But, the benevolent image of President Kim Il Sung has been riveted in the peoples minds and yearning for him has become more earnest as time passes.

To hold the President in high esteem as the sun of the nation is the greatest fortune of the Korean nation.

The august name of President Kim Il Sungmeans the sun.

He illuminated the road for the Korean nation and humankind just as the sun shines the world.

The south Korean people are paying the highest tribute to him, recollecting his brilliant revolutionary career.

His 80 odd year-long life was the great one recorded with his outstanding idea, extraordinary leadership and noble virtues.

President Kim Il Sung set out on the road of revolution, in his teenage, to regain the lost country from the Japanese colonial rule and honorably defended the sovereignty and dignity of the Korean nation through historic victory in the Korean War. His intention was to make the whole nation live in a reunified prosperous country.

He engraved one Korea in his mind and encouraged the Korean nation to the movement for independent reunification.

The Joint Conference of Representatives of Political Parties and Public Organizations in North and South Korea was held in Pyongyang in April 1948 and the July 4 Joint Statement was adopted thanks to his will for reunification.

Sitting up all night during the last moments of his life, he examined a document related to national reunification and left his historic signature to put an end to the tragedy of national division.

Human history knows no such a great man who was mindful of the national fate as President Kim Il Sung.

The exploits of the President, a peerless patriot and legendary hero, for national reunification will shine long in the national history.

It is natural that all things in the universe to follow the sun as life without the sun is inconceivable.

Loud voices praising his immortal exploits on behalf of the country and nation are heard from across south Korea on the occasion of the Day of the Sun, his birthday.

South Korea is pervaded with deep reverence for him as evidenced by the fact that progressive media are widely introducing his revolutionary life and immortal exploits.

The Korean nationals will carry on a vigorous nationwide drive to implement his behests for the national reunification under the leadership of supreme leader Kim Jong Un.

The rosy future of the Korean nation would be ensured only when they uphold the his leadership.

Revering supreme leader Kim Jong Un, who is identical with the President, as the father of nation, the Korean nation will continue its proud history of Kim Il Sungs nation forever.

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