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Fervent Reverence

The Korean nation is recollecting the sacred life of President Kim Il Sung in boundless reverence for him with the approach of the Day of the Sun.

The whole life of President Kim Il Sung, who devoted his all to the people, is recorded with his ardent love for the people. Marking his birth anniversary, I recall his love for the people shown in Seoul and Chungju. His fervent love shown to the people is still vivid no matter how much water may flow under the bridge, an old man residing in Seoul said in tears.

A south Korean paper carried an article titled “Bright image of the sun”:

 “The image of President Kim Il Sung moves the people to tears. His smiling image is full of love. The President will always be with the Korean nation.”  

 “It is the greatest fortune for the Korean people to venerate President Kim Il Sung.

He set out in the world as the sun. His eighty-odd year’s life was the history of great love for human being, nation and humankind. The Korean nation but also the world progressives highly speak of him as the father of love and the sun of love,” a professor of Seoul National University spoke.

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