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Fervent will along with 2020

On the New Year, the AINDF and south Korean people of all strata offer New Year greetings to Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un with boundless reverence for him.

The AINDF vanguard fighters felt national pride of having the Supreme Leader in 2019 and harden their determination to accelerate struggle of next year under his guidance.  

The AINDF will venerate President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il as the sun of Juche and remain faithful to the Supreme Leader next year.

And it will raise national enthusiasm for reverence of the Supreme Leader who is opening heyday of victory and honor with his inflexible will. 

2020 marks the 75thanniversary of Korea’s liberation.

The south Korean people will put spurs to accomplish the cause of national independence and reunification, upholding his ever-victorious guidance.  

Marking the seventy-five years of the US military occupation of south Korea, the south Korean people will make a counterattack on the rule and the policy of occupation of the US, infringement upon self-existence of the people and extortion of blood taxes and tis vicious moves to stifle north Korea and the acts of provocation of war. The south Koreans will smash the revival of conservatism and its ambition to usurp power.

The south Korean people’s righteous struggle for independence, democracy and reunification will bring about a great turning point as they are led by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, the illustrious commander of Mt. Paektu.

We express hope and belief that the progressive organizations in the world including the UK, Switzerland and Spain would positively support the south Korean people’s vigorous struggle in next year.

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