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Fiasco of hostile policy

    Opinions on recognition of failure of “denuclearization of north Korea” are heard within south Korea and the US in the wake of promulgation of law on north Korea’s policy on nuclear forces and successive tough military counteraction of north Korea.

North Korea’s nuclear threat is actualized, the principle of denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula is little short of the destruction, north Korea became a nuclear power capable of weakening defense system of the US, north Korea defined its position that it has no intention to abandon nukes and realize denuclearization, it is unfeasible to subjugate north Korea with sanctions and pressure, on the contrary, it would make north Korea more risky rival and it is better to recognize north Korea as a nuclear weapons state and devise a proper step to cope with potential threat, the ruling People’s Power Party, experts on north Korean affairs and experts in the military and foreign affairs claimed.    

Experts of the US institutes and think tanks including the Carnegie Foundations for International Peace said that it is heartrending to recognize failure of “denuclearization of north Korea”, insistence on the “denuclearization of north Korea” is a daydream and farce, north Korea won in the battle of denuclearization, it is unhappy but to accept the fact of north Korea’s access to nuclear weapons, the nuclear arsenal of north Korea will be larger and sophisticated unless the US administration admits it and the US will dearly pay for it at the DPRK-US negotiation.    

Military pressure such as frequent joint military exercises by the US and its allies, sanctions and hardline remarks show control and means toward north Korea dried up, they should admit failure of “north Korea’s denuclearization” and focus all the efforts on arms reduction for removal of the danger and restriction of nuclear weapons, the experts asserted.

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